j.i.n.d people: Harry Yuan a.k.a Organic Hobo

Harry Yuan, half of San Francisco’s Organic Hobo, is currently on a world tour aimed at educating people on all things organic, through his love of adventure and fun. We caught up with Harry to find out more about the OH movement and his philosophy on staying healthy and looking (really) good!
Q: Tell us about yourself and your philosophy on life

For the past 7 years I’ve worked in the health industry as a “Fitness Professional”.  Six years ago my interest in exercise expanded to food. Really you cannot have one without the other. So I guess you can say I have a more holistic approach to health. Really my philosophy is simple. Treat everything the way it was intended to be treated. Everything starts with our food. Without good clean quality in our food we cannot move, breathe, or even think properly. If we treat our food and our bodies the way they should be treated disease, injuries, and even aging can be much less. Caring for ourselves means caring for our future as well. The brand “Seven generations” comes to mind because their belief is to have a product that will not affect someone seven generations down the line. In society we should be thinking of our consequences of our actions.

Q: How has Organic Hobo changed the way people eat and live?
Well the goal of OH is to educate people about what organic is, and entertain them with an adventure. We’re trying to bring clarity to organic and sustainability and entertain people at the same time. My hope is that people at least start being more conscious of their food and how it affects their health and the health of everyone else.

Q: What are the top 5 reasons people should go organic?

Looks out for our kids futures
Does a body good
Better for the environment
It tastes better

Organic get’s people back into a community setting. If you go to a farmers market and speak to your farmer, or restaurant chef. This brings community through food, which is something that is lacking right now.

Q: What is the biggest misconception that people have about organic produce?

That it’s too expensive. I’ve had organic carrots cheaper then conventional. It all depends on who you buy from. Also emphasizing on the community aspect. If you get to know your farmer he/she will always give you a deal. They want you to come back.

The second layer of expense is what conventional food is doing. These foods are lobbied to get funding by the government because conventional is suppose to help “World hunger”. But it has depleted the soil for our future generations, damaged our water, caused countless casses of disease, and of course has made the world more hungry. Even if organic is more expensive in the short run, it is more expensive in the long run. But it’s up to the consumer to vote by buying local and organic foods.

Q: Best place to shop for organic food in SF?

A farmers market. But if you can’t do that there’s Bi-rite market and Rainbow grocery.

Q: Please share your favorite organic recipe with us!

Harry’s Organic Fried Rice

2 cups of mixed grain rice
2 medium carrots
1 spring onion
2 garlic cloves
4 strips of bacon
1 cup of in season veggie (e.g. green beans, chard, zucchini)
3-4 eggs
Precook rice in rice cooker or on stove top.
Dice all veggies and bacon
Cook Bacon until slightly crunchy
Add garlic and onions
then veggies
Stir until warm
Add rice
Cook eggs separately (scrambled)
Add egg on top and stir to serve.
Watch Harry’s video on his current OH worldtour

Q: Links for people to find out more about you and the organic movement

www.organichobo.com (Launching Feb 2011)


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4 responses to “j.i.n.d people: Harry Yuan a.k.a Organic Hobo

  1. Mint

    Love this interview format. Feels like Harry is chatting with me. Love the second photo.

  2. Lynnette

    Yummy. And I mean the food too.. 🙂

  3. Greg Richardson

    Yo! Bruce…..takin’ yo show on da road! You and Harry take it easy on the ladies of the world, and you are greatly missed back here at home! It just ain’t the same without your “full service” bar-tenderizing goin’ on in da SOMA!!
    God Bless, and stay safe in these adventures!!

  4. Kaka

    looks tasty..,,hmmm

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