Farmer’s Market at Ark Hills, Tokyo

Farmer's Market at Ark Hills

Every Saturday, we look forward to the Farmer’s Market near our apartment where we can pick up gorgeous strawberries and other seasonal fresh produce. There are also several food kiosks selling french breads, soups and the yummiest waffles ever!! Here are some snapshots from today’s market.

Hills Marche Farmer’s Market (at Ark Hills)

Every Saturday 10am – 2pm


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2 responses to “Farmer’s Market at Ark Hills, Tokyo

  1. Apple

    this is a great place…would like to visit next time i am in tokyo…is this market and it’s little stores and cafe area only open on saturday 10am- 2pm?

    it is at omotesando station?

    • Missed your comment!

      Yes it’s great! The market is not big at all, but quite fun to try some local produce. You can get some insanely sweet tomatoes there. I used to go when I lived in Tokyo for a short while a couple of years ago.

      Ark Hills is near both Roppongi-itchome and Tameike-sanno metro stations.

      The market stalls are open only on Saturdays 10am to 2pm. The restaurants and cafes in the complex are open during standard F&B hours I believe.

      Check out: for this and more markets,
      and for this market

      The market is less well attended by vendors when it gets chilly in winter so do check if the market is fully open before you head down. Have fun!

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