Shinjuku Tatsukichi, Tokyo

(from L to R, clockwise: Asparagus with black pepper mayo, baby turnip, cook, dipping sauces, prawn, ochazuke, vinegared mekabu seaweed – palate cleanser, cute ornament, quail’s egg, salmon and cheese)

Here’s a neat little place if you love deep-fried food. We don’t particularly, but were highly recommended to try by an esteemed chef and we just couldn’t resist. The best thing about this restaurant, tucked away in the ultra busy and happening Shinjuku district, is that you don’t have to worry about ordering – it just comes, one deep-fried skewer after another, omakase style. As the cook behind the counter lays each freshly fried skewer on your plate, he’ll name it and suggest whether to dip your kushiage in one of the 4 sauces or truffle salt, drizzle lemon, or simply “sono mama” (as it is). Just lightly battered and fried, the kushi’s were very tasty.

Personally though, we prefer oil to be used sparingly on our food. As yummy as they were, we thought it wise to exercise some self-restraint and politely requested to call it a night at 26 sticks between the 2 of us (each at ¥170). Both tables beside us chalked up no less than 30 sticks per head (the record is a whopping 160 sticks by one very greedy man it seems!).

Don’t miss Tatsukichi if you’re looking for an excellent kushiage meal and a very memorable dining experience.

Shinjuku Tatsukichi

4F, 3-34-16 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku | 03-3341-9322

Open Mon-Fri 5-11pm, Sat 4-11pm, Sun-holidays 4-10:30pm

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