Help rebuild Japan – Save the Children appeal

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As we continue to watch devastating footage of Friday’s catastrophic events and its deadly aftermath, we appeal for your thoughts to be with the Japanese people as they deal with this horrific national crisis. Over 10,000 people are estimated dead and hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes. We urge you to contribute in a very tangible way by donating to the Save the Children foundation during this critical time. The team at Save the Children has already flown in to the disaster zones and are in the midst of providing relief to children (many who have been orphaned) and their families.

Save the Children aims to deliver food, shelter and psychosocial support to young people, helping them overcome the shock and stress that the disaster has left in its aftermath. They will set up child-friendly spaces to provide a protective environment where children can spend time with other children and trained teachers, allowing parents much-needed time to find food and shelter as well as locate other friends and family.

To read more on the Save the Children official press release and donate, click here

God bless Japan.

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