Ganbatte Kudasai Nihon

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Deeply saddened by the deaths and people who have been displaced by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant disaster, it is with a heavy heart that we are leaving Tokyo to return home to Singapore. We will forever cherish in our hearts the time spent with the locals who have shown us a tremendous amount of hospitality and grace throughout our travels.

As the new shoots of spring begin to show signs of new life, our wish for the Japanese people is that they too, will begin to slowly rebuild their lives with each new day.

We will continue to feature Tokyo in our next few posts, which we dedicate to the people of Japan.

Leaving you now with this beautifully written and meaningful article by Nicholas Kristof, columnist for the New York Times.

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One response to “Ganbatte Kudasai Nihon

  1. Siti

    Glad that you have had the privilege to experience their beauty & kindness and to share them with us.
    Yes, we have a lot to learn from the Japanese; their spirit, strength and resilience in times of loss and vulnerability.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with them..

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