Qun Zhong Eating House, Singapore

We have been faithfully returning to Qun Zhong Eating House over the past few years for their most delicious xiao long bao and guo tie (potstickers). While the shop’s frontage is easy to miss, it is certainly hard to overlook the never-ending queues of famished fans (both locals and foreigners) waiting patiently to be seated inside the modest-sized and extremely busy eatery. On the numerous occasions we have come, service has always been rather brusque, especially from a particular ‘front-of-house’ personnel. However, on our recent visit, he appeared to be in the best of moods and was all smiles (especially for the camera!)…we knew it was a sign, we had to post.

There are only 13 items on the menu (including desserts), making ordering a breeze. Apart from the two afore-mentioned house specialties, the minced pork with soy bean paste noodles (zha jiang mian) is also a favourite but has to be incorporated well in order to coat each noodle sufficiently with the salty bean paste. For dessert, do try their deep-fried red-bean pancakes, filled with a generous velvety portion of sweet red-bean paste and deep-fried to a golden crisp perfection – all calories are bygones the moment it touches your lips!

If you are looking for a place to eat with variety in the menu or attentive service, Qun Zhong Eating House may not be what you’re after – however, do give it a try if you are seeking affordable and delicious comfort food which always scores well on consistency and flavour – we just wish they would julienne their ginger slivers a little thinner!

Budget around $20-$25 per head.

Qun Zhong Eating House
21 Neil Road | +65 6221 3060 (reservations not available, go early to avoid long queues! Closed Wednesdays)

Jack’s note: Qun Zhong has re-opened for business on 9th February 2012 after months of renovation. Check out our recent visit!


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16 responses to “Qun Zhong Eating House, Singapore

  1. Mint

    I knew this restaurant since I was in Pri sch. Used to be my family’s fav food place when we were still living nearby. It is where I ate thefirst xiao long bao in my life, wat before crystal jade and din tai fung.
    I love the noodle w sour veg the best! And of course, the pancake too.
    Two door to the left, there is Tea Chapter 😉 with much better ambience to hang out.

  2. Genevieve

    has Qun Zhong closed down? went passed twice in the last 2 months but have not seen it open!

  3. Volts

    Ya! I’ve drove past so many time in the past months, it’s always closed. The sign on the door says they will be closed till further notice. Wonder what happened ..

  4. No clue as well. They have been closed for a while. We have seen the boss uncle walking around in the Duxton area a couple of times since but haven’t been able to muster enough courage to ask. Maybe next time… ;p

  5. Anonymous

    I just called up the place and they mentioned under Renovation… but didn’t mention when they will be re-opening again….

  6. Anonymous

    now is August… the renovation is way too long

  7. Anonymous

    has it opened again??

  8. Anonymous

    nope still closed!! Anybody else has more details?!? I’m having withdrawal!!

  9. Anonymous

    I went down yesterday thought of celebrating my bdae there but was so disappointed that it is closed. So I google it in the internet to see whats going on with the shop. (Geez, second time[sunset grill & pub] it happened to me where I went all the way down to the place for dinner and it closed.)

    But good news is that Qun Zhong Eating house will reopens after Chinese New year in 2012. I give them a call and a girl pick up saying is under renovation.


  10. Roz

    I just called up and they said they are still in preparation mode, will try to reopen asap. But the name is changed to Jin Hua and they will no longer retain Qun Zhong

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  12. Qun Zhong is back! I visited on Tuesday and it’s still good as ever! 🙂


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