The Attic Lifestyle Store, Singapore

Walk past the row of shops on the 4th storey of Far East Plaza and chances are you will walk right past this tiny store just beside Malaysia Reptile House without realizing the treasure trove of vintage collectibles that lie behind the closed doors. What started off as a hobby in his early teens soon became a full-time obsession for Chang, proud owner of The Attic for the past 10 years. The tiny store is loaded with hoards of genuine vintage clothing, costume jewellery, sunnies, camera bags, 1970s lamps and other memorabilia, and is home to precious collectibles dating back to the early 1920s, including a World War I military jacket.

What you see in the store is apparently only the tip of the iceburg; Chang reckons it is 10% of his entire collection. Chang is deeply passionate about his craft and goes to great lengths to source for and obtain items from around the world which he either trades with other dealers overseas, or brings home. His niche and select clientele (which he attributes to the intentionally discreet frontage and zero marketing) ranges from local enthusiasts to overseas collectors, and even lists celebrity DJs as fans who have hunted him down during their gigs in Singapore. And that’s not all. The very camera-shy Chang is also a talented interior designer who, upon request, can assist with the design and sourcing process to help you create the perfect vintage look you desire for your house or shop space.

Do search for this unique store the next time you are in the vicinity, whether you are looking for a vintage jacket, camera bag, camera, clock or radio, or simply want a healthy dose of good ol’ nostalgia.

The Attic Lifestyle Store
#04-146A Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road | +65 6732 3459
Open Mon-Sat 3:30pm-9pm; Sun 3:30pm-7:30pm


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3 responses to “The Attic Lifestyle Store, Singapore

  1. cool

    chinaman sell memento ah? aiyah waste time haha

  2. vintage collector

    I personally find the earlier comment very un”cool” and ugly. Being a cosmopolitan country like Singapore such comments only shows the narrow-mindedness of some citizens living in Singapore. Stereotyping people basically only shows your own insecurities and incapabilities in life. I’ve personally have been to the store and the owner is definitely a local. Overall, I believe Singapore should have more of such interesting shops rather than the everyday generic malls. A+++ for having this place for us genuine vintage lovers.

    • Different strokes for different folks. Personally, I enjoyed the shop and respected the owner for his passion. I also picked up a gorgeous vintage Minolta camera bag I love love love with torn leather, patina and all from the shop. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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