Back to yesteryear at Captains of Industry, Melbourne

Fancy stepping back in time to some good old fashioned hospitality? Captains of Industry has just the answer for you. Operating out of a space on the second floor along Somerset Place (off Little Bourke St), Captains of Industry is a lifestyle concept store which amalgamates retail, made-to-measure menswear and a cafe which serves a small selection of drinks, coffee and cakes. Housed in separate rooms side-by-side are the made-to-measure travelling suit shop ‘Statler and Waldorf’, bespoke footwear and leather accessories specialists ‘Roberst & Hassett’ and ‘Herr Blick’, a traditional barber shop run by the very talented Steven Blick.

Time grinds to a halt here, both literally and figuratively (the wall clock permanently reads 3:30), adding to the allure and enigmatic charm of this place. Carefully selected furniture and reminders of the past, including old fashioned sewing machines, suitcases and weighing scales are also wonderful touches. As we sat and sipped on homemade ginger beer and lemonade (served in cute little bottles) and nibbled on gorgeous freshly baked marmalade cupcakes, we watched the curiously vintage and niche crowd that drifted in and out, as if dressed perfectly for the part – making us feel as though we were the ones not keeping with the times.

After a few casual exchanges with staff, it became apparent that it was not uncommon for patrons to fall in love with the store and end up staying on to work here. There aren’t many places quite like Captains of Industry around anymore and we’re glad to have experienced the warm hospitality and revel in nostalgia at this unique lifestyle concept store set in the heart of Melbourne – if only for a few precious moments.

Captains of Industry
Level 1, 2 Somerset Pl. Melbourne

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