Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

Wherever our travels take us, we always ensure a visit to the local Farmer’s Market or the equivalent to check out local and seasonal produce. We love immersing in the food culture unique to each country or city and partaking in the festivities which surround it. During our recent trip to Melbourne, we paid the famed Vic Market a visit and picked up some really wonderful and fresh produce for our dinner that evening.

We choose some lovely organic beetroots and carrots and gave them a good whiz in the Thermomix to create a gorgeous raw chunky salad. The handy Thermomix also created a delectable wild mushroom risotto (in 17 minutes!!) which we handpicked from the farmers’ baskets. The only thing we couldn’t find was tamarind to make sorbet for dessert. We ended up choosing a bag of fresh figs instead which we combined with mandarins for a super refreshing sorbet. A bag of around 10 figs cost us under A$4 – a super treat for us folks living in Singapore (out of desperation, we once paid S$20 for a pack of 4 fresh figs at Culina!). However, to be fair, we did overhear the chap beside turning down a bunch of 4 Queensland bananas which was priced at A$13 (blame it on the weather!)

Vic Market is still pulling in the crowds, both locals and tourists, with good reason…there’s always something for everyone. If food isn’t your thing, do head over to the opposite tents for great furniture finds, cow skin rugs, UGG boots, hammocks and anything you could possibly ask for!

Goodbye Melbourne…till next time…

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