Durians in Singapore

We were struck by a severe durian craving last night. Thankfully for us, Dempsey is only a 5 min drive away from home and right at the fringe of Holland Road is the Wan Li Xiang make-shift durian stall which has been around for the last 20 something years.

After ordering our 2 butter durians (they were excellent!) from the boss, Ah Di, we shared a table with two very dignified looking Tow Kays who were self-professed durian lovers. What ensued was a feverish discussion on where the best durians in Singapore could be found.

Our take on coming back over and over again to Wan Li Xiang, albeit the higher pricing, was the convenience of being close to home, as well as having ample parking space without having to jostle with the madding crowd and risking our lives parallel parking at say, Geylang, for instance. According to the two gentlemen who have scoured the island for the best durians, WLX comes out tops on their list for its consistency in bringing in the best durians – plus, Ah Di personally calls his list of regulars whenever he brings in a bumper crop, winning him fans from Singapore, across the border and beyond!

This was their list…what do you think??

1. Wan Li Xiang (Dempsey) – look for Ah Di

2. 231 East Coast Road (across from Holy Family Church) – look for Ah Loon

3. Sindy Durians (279 Balestier Road)

Wan Li Xiang Durians
Holland Road. Fringe Car Park Lot 51/53, Off Dempsey Road
Ah Di – 97562385/ 84843957

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