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Best of the Fest

Hellloooo Beerfest Asia 2011! Today was Day One of the third annual Beerfest Asia in Singapore and what a start it was! We headed down to the Marina Promenade earlier today to catch a sneak preview of this year’s awesome line up of some of the world’s best beers all under one roof tent. All we can say is that we left extremely happy, high and satiated…here are some highlights! Continue reading


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Durians in Singapore

We were struck by a severe durian craving last night. Thankfully for us, Dempsey is only a 5 min drive away from home and right at the fringe of Holland Road is the Wan Li Xiang make-shift durian stall which has been around for the last 20 something years. Continue reading

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Two delicious beers

Over the past few weeks, we have been extremely fortunate to have met with numerous ultra fun and hip distributors for beers, wines and sakes in a bid to source for a small but unique and select range of artisanal brews for our new lifestyle concept at Duxton Road, Group Therapy.

We shan’t spoil all the fun by revealing the entire range, but here are two of the beers which we are particularly thrilled about carrying! Continue reading


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Gattopardo, not a fluke

Seems like we just can’t get enough of Chef Lino’s heavenly southern Italian cuisine. We were down at Gattopardo last Sunday to celebrate our friend M’s birthday and were once again full of praise for the charming chef from Sicily.

We started our evening at the restaurant’s adjacent cocktail bar where we were delighted with aperitifs and treated to a basket of super addictive Parmesan bread sticks and olives. The ultra hospitable barman Alessandro, just freshly flown in from Italy, did a wonderful job of keeping us girls very happy and spirited. Continue reading


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FENDI’s Fatto a Mano feat. Donna Ong

Following successful performances in cities such as New York, London, Abu Dhabi, Seoul, Hangzhou, Milan and Rome, FENDI’s Fatto a Mano for The Future, has finally arrived in Singapore. Fatto a Mano (Italian for “handmade”) for The Future is FENDI’s live design series partnering artists and designers with a FENDI craftsman in creating art using discarded materials from the FENDI production process, as an exhibition of the interactions between designers and artists, tradition and experimentation, craftsman and materials.

From 26 to 31 May 2011, the FENDI boutique at Takashimaya was transformed into a “live” performance space in which a FENDI craftsman and Donna Ong, Singaporean contemporary installation artist, collaborated to create a unique artwork using FENDI’s renowned Selleria leather in a curious juxtaposition of heritage and creativity. Continue reading


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Eden in the City, Singapore

A recent trip to China Square one Sunday afternoon left us very hungry after trawling through two floors of the Sunday vintage flea market. On the way out to hunt down some food, we stumbled upon Eden Sanctuary Floral Cafe located on the ground floor of China Square. Continue reading

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Gattopardo, our new love

We’ve been meaning to try Gattopardo at the new and chic Hotel Fort Canning for the past year, but never quite got round to it for some reason. Finally, entirely on a whim, we decided to try Gattopardo a couple of nights back after picking our brains for a new place to try. It was an incredible meal which floored us and left us very hungry for more of Chef Lino’s brilliance. How it has been possible for us to not have had a meal here much earlier is clearly beyond us, but better late than never…no? Continue reading

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“Art, a piece at a time” by Eugene Tan, Singapore

Fancy a life-size Vespa scooter made entirely out of Lego bricks? That, for a cool S$28,000, and other Lego artwork and installations can be yours to keep at Eugene Tan’s inaugural solo exhibition entitled “Art, a piece at a time”.

Eugene has been enamoured of the pint-sized bricks since the age of four, preferring to play with Lego over other toys or going to the playground. By eight, he had gone on to win three consecutive Lego building competitions. At department stores, he would study the designs on the Lego boxes and replicate them as soon as he got home. And for birthday gifts and rewards for doing well in exams, Eugene always received Lego sets. Continue reading


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Rustic bread for beginners

We love cooking. There’s something extremely gratifying about being in full control of the kitchen and whipping up a meal for a pack of greedy and appreciative friends, especially ones like our good friends L & P. Every step of the process, you can see, smell and taste; making small adjustments along the way, and even incorporating a little flair and personality in order to whip up that perfect dish.

Baking, on the other hand, hasn’t exactly been as interesting to us. While we love the final products of well mixed flour and water, we have always felt a certain sense of helplessness when it comes to baking. It doesn’t help that measurements are so prescribed and exact, leaving room for creativity scarce. Combine that with a lack of instant gratification (think allowing bread to prove!) and the ensuing downward spiral and loss of control (recall home econs baking flops in Secondary School…arrgh), baking has just never been very enticing. That is, until last Sunday. Continue reading


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Natalie Dyer in Singapore – Magic at her fingertips

Watching Natalie Dyer paint is mesmerizing. Her immense focus, attention to detail and pure joy she exudes from creating magic out of an empty canvas is quite a treat for fans of the Queensland-based artist. Her contemporary figurative style often portrays blissful women with softly-flowing curves, indulging in joyful and playful companionship. Combined with her classic use of rich, vibrant and colourful abstracts to highlight the surrounds and landscape, Natalie’s paintings are striking and bold, yet manage to effortlessly convey a sense of elegance and light-heartedness in each of her creations. Through her work, Natalie seeks to give her viewers a little bit of “time out” to appreciate the little, but important things in life that can sometimes be overlooked. Continue reading


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