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Bridge by Sturdy Style

If the kitchen is your favourite room in the house, then you will be right at home at Kappabashi Dori in Tokyo. Every time I visit, I spend hours eagerly trawling the entire stretch of the street, fascinated by the myriad of kitchenware displayed in the shops Kappabashi is so famous for. From the sharpest Japanese knives, to realistic plastic food-lookalikes, to exquisite ceramic ware; if you need it, I’m sure Kappabashi has it. But for a street that has everything to do with preparing food, there is nary a spot for weary shoppers to rest and grab a drink to recharge. I am in for a pleasant surprise this time. Continue reading

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Colour: The Language of Ian Davenport

Colour, the incorporeal attribute that complements form, texture and motion to shape our everyday world. Colour invigorates, adds dimension and conveys emotions. Under the right pair of hands, colour can be composed to spellbinding effect. In Singapore to open his inaugural solo exhibition in South-east Asia, the talented British abstract artist Ian Davenport shared with us his creative technique where colour takes centre stage. Continue reading

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Remember: Don’t Forget To Remember

The annual Arts Festival for Social Causes, i-AM Festival is into its fourth year, with a 2012 theme of Many Hearts, Many Hands, expressed through a series of visual art exhibitions, performing arts performances and outreach programmes. Altruism through the platform of the arts is an ideal close to my heart. What is even more impressive is that the team that organized the visual art exhibition Don’t Forget to Remember, are six students of the Arts Management Programme at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. Continue reading

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Pablo Reinoso: Inspired Form Meets Function at Art Plural

Jack and Friends are back at Art Plural Gallery!

When we last visited the gallery, we were floored by the four levels of art. Argentinian-French artist, designer, architect and researcher Pablo Reinoso’s solo exhibition did not disappoint.  Continue reading

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Bombay Sapphire Blue Room

The blue skies on 25 October sang of the night to come. Everywhere I looked, I chanced glimpses of delicious blue hues. The elegant sinews of a blue car hummed with the night’s elegant possibilities. Jack had invited me to the opening of the Bombay Sapphire Blue Room; the embodiment of the well-crafted gin’s spirit. I could not wait to see how the various art collectives, individual and musical artists would interpret the theme. Continue reading


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Art Plural Gallery

It was with great anticipation that I joined Jack and Friends at Art Plural Gallery. Owned by a Swiss couple from Geneva, the four-storey heritage building opposite The Substation is a treasure trove of artworks. From the sketches of esteemed Columbian Fernando Botero to the gripping works of renowned American Julian Schnabel, promising Indian artists and even the sensuous forms of Karim Rashid’s designs, you will be excited to uncover the visual delights each floor promises.
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A squiggle of a name…electrifying with the suggestion of scintillating ladies in high heels and red lips. The Gogorama café shares its name with an infamous American strip-joint, but the only wanton displays of seduction are its moist desserts that warrant adultery. Continue reading

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L’esprit de l’eau by BergerCardi

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of attending the official opening of Frederic BergerCardi’s solo exhibition titled “L’esprit de l’eau” – The spirits of water – at Oasis Gallery located on the ground floor of a conservation shophouse on Amoy Street. It was the French scientist cum artist’s inaugural solo exhibition and what a remarkable start it was for the talented Frenchman. Continue reading

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FENDI’s Fatto a Mano feat. Donna Ong

Following successful performances in cities such as New York, London, Abu Dhabi, Seoul, Hangzhou, Milan and Rome, FENDI’s Fatto a Mano for The Future, has finally arrived in Singapore. Fatto a Mano (Italian for “handmade”) for The Future is FENDI’s live design series partnering artists and designers with a FENDI craftsman in creating art using discarded materials from the FENDI production process, as an exhibition of the interactions between designers and artists, tradition and experimentation, craftsman and materials.

From 26 to 31 May 2011, the FENDI boutique at Takashimaya was transformed into a “live” performance space in which a FENDI craftsman and Donna Ong, Singaporean contemporary installation artist, collaborated to create a unique artwork using FENDI’s renowned Selleria leather in a curious juxtaposition of heritage and creativity. Continue reading


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“Art, a piece at a time” by Eugene Tan, Singapore

Fancy a life-size Vespa scooter made entirely out of Lego bricks? That, for a cool S$28,000, and other Lego artwork and installations can be yours to keep at Eugene Tan’s inaugural solo exhibition entitled “Art, a piece at a time”.

Eugene has been enamoured of the pint-sized bricks since the age of four, preferring to play with Lego over other toys or going to the playground. By eight, he had gone on to win three consecutive Lego building competitions. At department stores, he would study the designs on the Lego boxes and replicate them as soon as he got home. And for birthday gifts and rewards for doing well in exams, Eugene always received Lego sets. Continue reading


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