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Sightglass – A Sensory Treat

Happy 2012 everyone! I do realise that my previous post was on coffee, so I really shouldn’t be posting yet another so soon. But I am so excited about this one I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I am a lover of good coffee and a sucker for beautiful spaces and this one takes the cake on both counts. Have a look. Continue reading

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Papa Palheta

This place is no longer a secret. In fact it is so well known and popular that I was contemplating for a long while if I should bother to write about it. But call it paying tribute. I love Papa Palheta. Continue reading


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I was excited to bring Jack and two other food-loving pals to Canton-I at ION Orchard. It has been a favourite lunch or dinner haunt for me since I first tried it.

With four branches in Malaysia, this Hong Kong establishment never fails to disappoint me with their roast duck and ‘carrot’ cake, both deserving of last-meal status far as I’m concerned! The fried rice with abalone is another great dish to share with family and friends. Continue reading


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Seeing Pink Elephants

“There are, broadly speaking, two types of drinkers. There is the man whom we all know, stupid, unimaginative, whose brain is bitten numbly by numb maggots; who walks generously with wide-spread, tentative legs, falls frequently in the gutter, and who sees, in the extremity of his ecstasy, blue mice and pink elephants. He is the type that gives rise to the jokes in the funny papers.”

London, Jack. John Barleycorn New York: Oxford University Press. 1989

Hmm…no blue mice, thankfully, but we did see pink elephants. That belonging to what was once elected the Best Beer in the World – Delirium Tremens. Continue reading

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Bombay Sapphire Blue Room

The blue skies on 25 October sang of the night to come. Everywhere I looked, I chanced glimpses of delicious blue hues. The elegant sinews of a blue car hummed with the night’s elegant possibilities. Jack had invited me to the opening of the Bombay Sapphire Blue Room; the embodiment of the well-crafted gin’s spirit. I could not wait to see how the various art collectives, individual and musical artists would interpret the theme. Continue reading


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A catty business

Yes, literally. Tokyo never fails to amaze me with her eclectic mix of cafes and today I was pleased to discover yet another hidden gem. I spent a wonderful half hour at Hapineko in Dogenzaka, Shibuya, a cafe where guests chill out in the company of cats. Continue reading

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Death by Kohii

Flying red-eye into Tokyo is not much fun, especially when you arrive groggy, water-retained and not able to check into your hotel just yet. Such was my predicament last Sunday morning; I figured there was perhaps one thing that could solve all these problems for me.

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Greek Blues

As Greece teeters on the brink of default on its debt and many ponder the possible fall-out of the Eurozone and the fate of the euro, some say perhaps it’s time to let Greece go. At Blu Kouzina, we found ourselves succumbing to a different form of let-go. Continue reading

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Westvleteren 12: The Greatest Beer on Earth

As someone known for being fussy about beer, you could say I know my lagers from my lambics. So it might surprise you that one way to stump me whilst I’m pontificating about the beauty of a well-constructed craft beer would be to ask the question: “So what’s the best beer in the world?”. I would probably have responded in one of the following three ways: (1) Waffle my way out by claiming that there is no such thing because there is no basis for comparison between the diverse and myriad styles of beer; (2) Divert the question by naming my desert-island top 10 beers; and (3) Just look at you really long and hard to try and make you feel very uncomfortable and a bit daft. Continue reading


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Art Plural Gallery

It was with great anticipation that I joined Jack and Friends at Art Plural Gallery. Owned by a Swiss couple from Geneva, the four-storey heritage building opposite The Substation is a treasure trove of artworks. From the sketches of esteemed Columbian Fernando Botero to the gripping works of renowned American Julian Schnabel, promising Indian artists and even the sensuous forms of Karim Rashid’s designs, you will be excited to uncover the visual delights each floor promises.
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