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Rustic bread for beginners

We love cooking. There’s something extremely gratifying about being in full control of the kitchen and whipping up a meal for a pack of greedy and appreciative friends, especially ones like our good friends L & P. Every step of the process, you can see, smell and taste; making small adjustments along the way, and even incorporating a little flair and personality in order to whip up that perfect dish.

Baking, on the other hand, hasn’t exactly been as interesting to us. While we love the final products of well mixed flour and water, we have always felt a certain sense of helplessness when it comes to baking. It doesn’t help that measurements are so prescribed and exact, leaving room for creativity scarce. Combine that with a lack of instant gratification (think allowing bread to prove!) and the ensuing downward spiral and loss of control (recall home econs baking flops in Secondary School…arrgh), baking has just never been very enticing. That is, until last Sunday. Continue reading


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