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Ubud, Bali very quickly

View of padi fields from balcony

A friend teased recently that he had been checking on my website and for months all he kept seeing was “the prawn“. Hello again everyone! It has been a while indeed. I was in Ubud with a buddy for a weekend trip and captured some wonderful memories on my iPhone. If you are swinging by Ubud, here are a few worthwhile stop-bys. Continue reading


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Jack Dreams of Sushi Sho


Hello all! I am finally awake from my slumber. If you like nice food, you might know of Chubby Hubby. I am a fan of his blog. He eats well, he writes well, his pictures are pretty, and I also really trust his taste. Some months ago, he declared Keiji Nakazawa of Sushi Sho the best sushi chef in the world. That was a huge compliment paid. And truly well deserved I found out. Continue reading


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Alba White Truffle Fair

The Langhe region of Piedmont, famous for Barolo wines

Alba, in Piedmont, is Italy’s white truffle mecca and main market. My trip to Europe this year had one main intention – The White Truffle Fair in Alba. Each weekend of the month-and-a-half long fair in October and November every year draws thousands of visitors by the bus loads into this charming town; everyone with the common objective of indulging in white truffles and the region’s cuisine and wines. Continue reading

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White Diamonds, Alba, Italy

Much like mold, with a crush of garlic, tossed in newly ploughed soil and kissed by burrowing earthworms, a scent so bewildering yet so intoxicating I would gladly wear as a perfume. The aroma of the white truffle, Tuber magnatum, one of the most expensive foods in the world, is simply heavenly.

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Nogizaka Uoshin

While in Tokyo, we asked a couple of new friends made over dinner to recommend a restaurant they would go back to time and again. In a heartbeat, Nogizaka Uoshin. Why? For freshness, good service and great value.

Uoshin is a fish izakaya chain and the Nogizaka outlet is a favourite for its character. A hop, skip and a jump away from the upscale Tokyo Midtown complex, Uoshin is a popular after-work hang-out for office workers from the neighbouring business districts of Akasaka and Roppongi. Continue reading


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Winter Wonderland Niseko

Snow sports fashion is mind-blowingly awesome; the variety of designs and styles out there are certain to awaken your inner shopaholic. A trip to a few snow sports shops to browse last year very quickly turned into an uncontrollable shopping frenzy. After three hours…jacket, check. Pants, check. Inner wear, check. Goggles, beanies, socks, all check. All that remains now is just some snow. Not so easy if you live in the tropics or suck at predicting weather! Continue reading


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Qun Zhong, Resurrected

Qun Zhong fans rejoice! Since this local establishment shut for business some ten months ago suddenly and without apparent reason, lovers of the restaurant have grieved and despaired. Well fret no more! The restaurant has finally re-opened on 9th February with as little fanfare as it had closed, spruced up and bigger. And lucky us, the menu has stayed true to the original in offering, quality and price! Continue reading

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I was excited to bring Jack and two other food-loving pals to Canton-I at ION Orchard. It has been a favourite lunch or dinner haunt for me since I first tried it.

With four branches in Malaysia, this Hong Kong establishment never fails to disappoint me with their roast duck and ‘carrot’ cake, both deserving of last-meal status far as I’m concerned! The fried rice with abalone is another great dish to share with family and friends. Continue reading


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Greek Blues

As Greece teeters on the brink of default on its debt and many ponder the possible fall-out of the Eurozone and the fate of the euro, some say perhaps it’s time to let Greece go. At Blu Kouzina, we found ourselves succumbing to a different form of let-go. Continue reading

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Fixing our Japan withdrawals at Rakuichi Dempsey

Despite being frequent visitors of the Dempsey enclave, we had never been to Rakuichi – until last week. Tucked away (too) discreetly across the road from La Forketta, Rakuichi is a gem worth seeking out if you’re in the area and craving some fantastic Japanese food.

Sitting up at the counter, we had front row view of the gorgeous fresh seafood on offer including scallops, red ark shell clams, mackerel and some seriously eye-catching kinki. Continue reading

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