Littered with Books, Singapore

Freshly voted as Best New Bookstore by Time Out Best of Awards 2011 is Duxton Road’s new little darling, Littered With Books, a charming independent bookstore housed in a 2-story conservation shophouse. It boasts a range of carefully selected fiction and non-fiction literature, travel narratives, food literature, recipe books, crime and thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy and award winning children’s books.

The store is a haven for avid-readers and anyone seeking a quiet retreat away from the usual madding crowd, despite being in the heart of the Central Business District. The glass skylight on the first floor and large colonial-inspired windows on the second allow for plenty of natural sunlight to stream into the store. In addition, the shophouse is blessed with high ceilings and has been tastefully decorated to create a sanctuary that is both captivating and inviting.

We relish coming to Littered With Books (over and over again) to fully immerse ourselves in the range of choice literature available, and be completely absorbed into a different world, even for just a few precious moments. We also love that the owners and staff are friendly and knowledgeable, making the experience of discussing bestsellers and recommendations just a touch more bespoke.

Littered With Books has just made reading hardcover books sexy all over again, so ditch your iPads and Kindles and head down to this little gem to discover some really fabulous reads the good ol’ fashioned way.

Littered With Books
20 Duxton Road | +65 6220 6824


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15 responses to “Littered with Books, Singapore

  1. BSng

    Terrible service at Littered with Books on Tues. 3 May 2011. I have been going to Littered with Books since they opened and liked the place. However, on Tues. 3 May 2011, I received the worst service ever and this has caused me to refrain from recommending them to any of my friends. The sign on their door said that they open from 11am to 7pm Tuesday to Sunday. I was at their doorstop at 11am, waiting for them to open. I waited 45 mins and there was no one there nor did anyone answer their bookshop phone (line not forwarded). At 10 mins to 12noon, I tried to call yet again and FINALLY someone picked up the phone and said that from May 2011, shop opens from 12pm. I asked why no sign on their door to inform customers? Another girl also came by and waited from 11.15-11.30am. Then, the bookshop girl took more than 15 mins to cash out the 9 books I was returning! Typically, when I take more than 10 books from them before, it takes only less than 5 mins to settle for everything. With such horrendous service, this is my last trip to the shop ever. There are many other bookshops in more accessible areas that can meet my needs.

    • Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. Hopefully a once-off aberration? We went past the shop today and noticed they have revised their opening hours on their sign. Their new hours are Monday-Thursday (12pm-8pm), Friday (12pm-9pm), Sat (11am-9pm), Sunday (11am-8pm).

      • BSng

        Glad to hear that the bookshop took action immediately. To begin with, this incident would not have happened if there had been a sign at their door. Anyway, thanks for the update on their opening times. I’ve also just looked at their FB page. They made an announcement of change in opening times after my feedback on the poor experience. However, there has been no direct apology from the bookshop to date.

    • They allow returning of books?

  2. NO

    Honestly bsng what are on about you have gone to every website and posted this – you must have a lot of time. Sadly for you – tons of people love the place and applaud the service and continue to do so. You’re just rude and vindictive. I frequent the place and the people are greAt.

    Not Brenda sng

  3. BSng

    To NO:
    Well, I am truly glad to hear that Littered With Books still have customers who have not experienced what I did. And hopefully, as jaskisnotdull has said, it is a once off experience. The bookshop also immediately rectified & posted new times on their FB and bookshop. Honestly, if you had a similar experience, you would be equally annoyed. Fyi, I frequent bookshops often, and especially 2nd hand bookshops for the last 20+ years. There is NOTHING vindictive in what I have said, merely a sharing of a truly bad experience, which it appears that the bookshop has taken action. The only rude person in this whole thread is you, for saying unpleasant things about someone absolutely do not know. Well, if you are so knowledgeable and a frequenter of websites, you will also see on Tripadvisor’s numerous accomodations that folks can have extreme experiences at the same place. Thankfully, you are not running the bookshop as you take things too personally.

  4. BSng

    To NO:
    Let me add on, I certainly do hope that you are not working at the Bookshop or is one of the owners. If indeed you are, then it would be extremely narrowminded of you not to be able to take feedback in any form. Lousy competitive spirit!
    Indeed, NO, if you are owner or staff at the bookshop, then I’m 100% glad that I’ve decided never to step foot into the shop ever again. I am also not afraid that others know whom is the one giving feedback about terrible service.
    With your comment above, it has cemented my decision 100% that Littered With Books is not a place I want to visit ever again nor recommend to any of my friends. Thank you for confirming my thoughts.

  5. Ben

    Wah – today is my turn to be stung – … why always so angry?

    Ok since u r curious, am a customer who leaves happy every time i go there. But i don’t think you will believe anyone who has a different view anyway.

    Too much negative vibes here – am off to enjoy my weekend now.

  6. Heard plenty of good things about this place even before I moved to Singapore last month. Chanced by the shop (sometime around 2am, alas!) during a pub crawl last weekend in Tunjong Pagar- cannot wait to check it out this Saturday!

  7. did so and loved it too. hyperlinked this article in my blogpost about it, hope you dont mind. keep up the good work.

  8. woah, too much drama here, i’m actually looking forward to visit the store because of that “bookshop girl” as referred to by BSng…hmmm…

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